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Everyone says that something can’t be done. Then arrives someone who doesn’t know it, and does it.Our Moreware Tech Blog was born following such principle.

We are at the end of the year, and as often happens we tend to take stock of what was built in the year, and the good intentions for the new year are listed.

Our Blog was born less than 150 days ago, and has achieved unexpected results even for us who constantly dedicate our time and our passion to it.

But before the analysis, we would like to send to you who are reading us right now, and to those who read us at least once, our thanks from the bottom of our heart. It is useless to hide it, no one would have ever carried out (or even just started) such a project, if there had not been on the other side a need to know, a pleasure to read, and the will to participate.


Five months ago we started publishing articles related to Raspberry PI, Arduino, electronics and computer science applied to IoT. Day after day we have discovered with you a sort of parallel universe, often overlooked by the media, but particularly interesting for those who still nurtured that healthy scientific curiosity that moves mountains. We had just two or three visits a day, but we looked ahead. It could work!” we said to ourselves, paraphrasing Gene Wilder in Frankenstein Junior.


At the end of 2019, we can count 122,000 visits to the blog, from 120 different countries in the world. We have visits from Nepal, Gambia, Costa Rica and the Bahamas (a symptom that our SEO algorithms work properly). The use of Social Media has done the rest. Whoever visits the blog, usually reads on average at least 4 pages of the blog, a sign that the brand meets the needs of the users.

Moreware lab

We wanted to prove that, against all expectations, those who create valuable content are recognized regardless of “high-ranking friendships”, those who work well can afford to grow. Also in this historic moment. Also in Italy.

What about tomorrow?

Our desire is to continue to grow, offering an increasingly professional service. Submit multiple articles a day. More and better insights. Laboratory tests, perhaps on similar products. And much more.

We launched the School Project, to create a virtuous system that rewards the most active students and professors through the publication of their own electronic and IT programs, and the schools have begun to take an interest in us. We are preparing a series of online courses, in MOOC style, which will focus on the topics covered in the Blog. Introductory courses in electronics, Arduino Base, Raspberry PI base, Python for Raspberry, C Language, but also courses about advanced Rasberry PI, algorithms and complexity, computer security will be presented during the coming months, and offered to anyone interested. We have a system of articles “on demand”, in which we will examine each time a topic chosen by our readers. And finally we are setting up a sponsorship system through banners and links, and a loyalty program that will allow those who want to follow us to have a blog with information tailored to their expectations.

The ideas are on the table, and the desire to put them into practice is great. If we could “infect” with our passion even a small part of those who are reading us now, leading them to invest on us, we would soon have a small economic as well as emotional capital to pour into the project. On Christmas, even a few euros could be useful for the acquisition of new systems or peripherals for testing. To grow the project, and guarantee yourself a “personalized” article based exactly on your needs, both technical and practical. An essay, a project to develop, or a tutorial: it is possible to ask for it to see it developed, it is enough to offer one’s own collaboration. We have added the “Donate” button for this purpose.

Our passion is evident. Having already received donations, sponsorships and peripherals for testing of such value as to make us end the year in balance despite our young age on the Internet is a clear element of distinction, and for us a sign of professional seriousness. We will go ahead anyway, cutting the time from our daily activities with which we guarantee minimum sustenance. Because we believe that our work in Moreware can help many.

If you believe that it is still possible to succeed thanks to your own merits, help us to prove it. Or at least, offer us a coffee

Definire ciò che si è non risulta mai semplice o intuitivo, in specie quando nella vita si cerca costantemente di migliorarsi, di crescere tanto professionalmente quanto emotivamente. Lavoro per contribuire al mutamento dei settori cardine della computer science e per offrire sintesi ragionate e consulenza ad aziende e pubblicazioni ICT, ma anche perche’ ciò che riesco a portare a termine mi dà soddisfazione, piacere. Così come mi piace suonare (sax, tastiere, chitarra), cantare, scrivere (ho pubblicato 350 articoli scientfici e 3 libri sinora, ma non ho concluso ciò che ho da dire), leggere, Adoro la matematica, la logica, la filosofia, la scienza e la tecnologia, ed inseguo quel concetto di homo novus rinascimentale, cercando di completare quelle sezioni della mia vita che ancora appaiono poco ricche.

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