Five “tempting” attitudes on electronic projects

five tempting attitudes in electronics




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Here are five attitudes on electronic projects showed by a lot of beginners. If you can picture yourself in one of the following descriptions… don’t worry! Yes, you could see yourself in every single section: it’s a matter of facts, and we all have behaved like that one day. And keep behave right now, even if no one would consciously admit it. But it will be important to try and avoid such drawbacks since the first day: this way you will get the right attitude during the whole project. And what’s more, you won’t carry around mistakes and bad attitudes that cause frustration and — what is worst — the abandon of such extraordinary electronic environment.


Electronic shopping
Compulsive shopping

How many times you kept wondering “I only need a sprocket of tin for welding”… But found yourself acting like Richard Gere when he pays the bills of Julia Roberts to the boutique in “Pretty Woman”? This is one of the mistakes that leaeds one to have a lot of equipment, but very few completed projects. Buy things when you need them… or borrow them if you know you won’t use them a lot!


electronic choices
Buying unwanted kits

Having a lot of unwanted kits may be just a sheer consequence of the section 1, however it has a slightly different nuance both as a tempting technique, and as approach. You already have some basic kit, and would like to promote yourself to the next level. You think you can master it, so… you go for it. The advanced kits have more complex components, and what’s more… there are a lot of them”. Try to keep your head on your needs. This will in turn help you in not being discouraged or think you can’t do it.


Doing too many things at once


You bought a bigger work station and , heck!, that kit on rebate should be yours! But you still have an older project waiting for your cares, and another still on the drawing desk. Stop, and breathe. Did you look out of the window to watch the external world, lately? Get out, take a walk, have a tea, relax. Doing too many things at once is a polite way to say you won’t conclude any of them.


Five attitudes in electronic sleep
Staying awake


You keep working and studying during the day… but at night, the world fell,  “Give me the solder station, let’s go to the battle!”. It’s 8:00PM and you bow down on your desk. You lost the count of how many welding you did, how many components you connected, how many wires you peeled. “One more, and that’s it!”. Well… It ain’t cherries. Did you notice it’s midnight already? Do you remember tomorrow you should wake up at six? Fatigue. It will wear you out and lower your productivity. And brings ovesight and errors with it. Go to sleep!


five attitudes in electronic copy
Copying others’ projects

“If it has already been done, then it works. Gonna copy it!”. This seducting feeling of “comfort zone” comes from this particular forma mentis. It’s a bit like the goofy nerd with glasses facing the queen of the school when she absent-mindedly smiles at him saying “hi”. Keep the obvious actions to the muscular quarterback with the shiny smile. You are clever , and perfectly able to analyze the error and the unexpected. You must experiment on your own, not behind others.

When you could read about these five attitudes on electronic projects and say “I don’t belong to them anymore!”, you will be able to look at your beloved hobby/activity with a better choice of success. Have a good job!


###Da sempre appassionato di tecnologia, soffro di insaziabile curiosità scientifica. Adoro sperimentare e approfondire le mie conoscenze sulle ultime novità sul mercato in termini di hardware, alta tecnologia e videogiochi. Attratto e coinvolto nella prototipazione hardware dalla piattaforma Arduino, Raspberry Pi e Nvidia Jetson.### ###Always passionate about technology, I am suffering from insatiable scientific curiosity. I love experimenting and deepening of my knowledge on the latest news on the market in terms of hardware, hi-tech and video games. Got attracted and involved in hardware prototyping by the Arduino platform, Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson.###

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