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Ferrari: the myth and the history.

As soon as I grew eighteen, the cars of Maranello cast their spell on me: their perfect curves, their powerful and liberal heart and the strong passion expressed, together with their charm and grit that only a Redhead can express made room on my young heart creating a kind of love-hate tested only with the one you try to pursue with all your strengths yet knowing that you'll never be able to reach out. In that very period I started looking for each and every item related with Ferrari from books to TV shows, from newspapers to buzzwords. I had become a "crazy lover", and when I saw my red beauty going out with selfish people, caring no more for her swains I understood I had begun my sad maturation as a man. She was so lovely, a so perfect and unparalleled beauty when the mundane world attracted her; and she ignored those who, like me, loved her for what she had been. The Red Beauty was mating with everyone, stealing looks from everyone, neglecting the ones who gave her her fame and fortune. I finally admitted that something beween us had broken during the presentation of the 456: she dressed a tight blue dress instead of her well-known red suit: she slipped into the french blue clothes. Since then, I kept my faith on the image of the mith, following the black prancing horse given to the Commendatore from Baracca family ("Accept it, Commendatore, it will favour your cars and their pilots"); my mind follows a red spyder California, have the color of the passion of its driver. I won't care anymore for today's hybrids, with giant muscles and no heart under the hood. I know no dream, no love will last forever. But the memory will.

So I was trying to avoid the sink of a tender memory into the same old dumb routine. I had no photograph by which renew my istinctive sensations, and so I decided to recreate a tridimensional archive: using crystal, aluminium and glasses I built a couple of cases, on whose shelves you can see many models of Ferrari in scale 1:43, bought on the four corners of the world. Older Politoys, Dinky, Mercury models are set side by side with new ones, Formula43, Best, Schuco. More than 250 little treasures look from the shelves, reminding the older glorious events of a blazoned firm, where passion was built even before engines. You can find there a Lancia-Ferrari D50 (managed from Scuderia Ferrari after the withdrawal of Alfa Romeo), the "shark", , the T5 and F1 643 #1, brought by Alain Prost, while GTs range from 225 to California, Testarossa and the "blue" 456, the "red of betrayal".


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