Nexty Italia presents USB bracelets and keychain

Nexty bracciale usb

Nexty, a recently born Italian company, started the distribution of its new technology products: USB bracelets and keyrings to recharge your device and grant data transmission on smartphones.

But look, they are very special bracelets and keyrings, as they hide a small treat. In fact they detach via a magnetic mechanism, revealing a USB cable that can be used to recharge the device and perform data transmission on smartphones.

Actually there are three different versions of the items:

  • USB Micro
  • USB Tipo C
  • Apple Lightning

The company saw the light after the ideas and passion of two makers from Turin, Italy. The project was born thank to their love for technology and innovation. This is, mainly, the reason that led to the creation new products to simplify everyman’s life.

The actual production is focused on bracelets and keyrings, but their target will include new produtts for a broader market.

The items are quite stylish, and show a sophisticate design.

The prices are perfectly aligned, and maybe cheaper than most of the technologically new wearables on the market. And offer that elegant look that accompanies every fashion item coming from Italy.

The bracelets are sold for 19,90€ while the keyrings are at 14,90€.

You actually don’t take with yourself a recharging or a data-transfer cable, because its unhandy. This trick will ensure your smartphone’s tool prsence, while giving you a small touch of Italian fashion. Personally, I will soon buy one.

What do you think about such kits? Do you like the idea?

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